Caring for your KRZA pieces

It's recommended to hand wash and lay flat to dry all of your handmade KRZA pieces  


We do recommend that you hand wash your headbands in cold water and lay them flat to dry out of the direct sunlight. However our bands are machine washable in cold water on the delicate cycle. We do not recommend drying them to avoid shrinkage and to keep their shape. 


If your headband is too big or has stretched out from wearing it you may shrink it by, dampening it with cold water, then place in the dryer checking it every 5 min until desired size is reached. If you use this method please keep an eye on the dryer it is very easy to over shrink!



Hand wash if possible to keep design fresh. If machine washing; wash inside out in cold water on the delicate cycle and lay flat to dry. Iron inside out on low if needed. Ink may fade slightly throughout the years.